Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weight Watchers Works For Some

I just spoke with a cousin of mine who has a serious issue with her weight. Her biggest problem is that she has some medical issues and the medications cause her to gain weight. Over the last year she has went from around 190 pounds to 235 pounds which seems to be a fairly common trend with here. She's always been a bit over weight but since starting on the medications her weight will skyrocket and then she loses the weight and puts it back on again. This cycle of weight loss and gain has gone on over and over for several years, sometimes not as drastic as this past year.

Anyway I thought I'd let you know that when her weight get too high she usually joins a weight watchers program. I'm not a big fan of weight loss centers or so called weight loss systems as most are just big money pits in my opinion. However, for here the added motivation, constant monitoring and accountability to an outsider is what it takes for her to lose weight. I really had never thought about the benefits that weight watchers and other weight loss programs provide. My biggest hang up on these weight loss systems was always the costs involved and the constant products they tried to push on you. If your looking for a weight loss product that really works my cousin swears by weight watcher and their weight loss products.

Friday, August 1, 2008

What Health Products To Review

Wow, Have you seen the sheer number of healthy product websites there are on the Internet. Trying to decide exactly where to go with the blog and what type of health related products and services to review is going to be a difficult task. I've seen health related sites covering everything from organic foods, weight loss pills, diet cookbooks, fitness equipment, and plenty of medical information on healthy minds and bodies. I though making a site about reviewing healthy products would be a simple task. But now I'm finding I'm not sure what to focus on. Do I start with review s of exercise equipment, weight loss , bad habits, or medical products.

I think I'll stick with my original idea and look towards reviewing products related to weight loss , smoking and exercise equipment. I do want to offer a quality review of these weight loss products and other health related items that people buy on a regular basis so I'll probably take my time and focus on or maybe two healthy products each week that way I can fully review them and find out what others think. If you have any suggestions as to which weight loss product, quit smoking aid or exercise equipment you'd like to see a review off feel free to shoot me an email. Like wise if you have had an experience with a weight loss product that was either good or bad let me know your thoughts and I can pass them on to others.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Health Products Review

Health Products Review is a site I've decided to dedicate to researching , evaluating and reviewing all the various products dealing with living healthy. This will include items like weight loss products , exercise equipment, quit smoking aid and many other products designed to help us live a healthier life. If you know of a specific health product you would like me to review or investigate feel free to mention it in the comments section. I do have some personal motivation involved in this as I'm an overweight out of shape middle aged man that has been told by a doctor that I'd better quit my bad habits and start living a healthier life. Yes you guessed it I eat too much, smoke too much and lay around doing nothing too much. So as I explore the various health products out the in attempts to improve my own health I'll pass on my findings in a form of some sort of review so that perhaps all can benefit from my poor health :)