Friday, August 1, 2008

What Health Products To Review

Wow, Have you seen the sheer number of healthy product websites there are on the Internet. Trying to decide exactly where to go with the blog and what type of health related products and services to review is going to be a difficult task. I've seen health related sites covering everything from organic foods, weight loss pills, diet cookbooks, fitness equipment, and plenty of medical information on healthy minds and bodies. I though making a site about reviewing healthy products would be a simple task. But now I'm finding I'm not sure what to focus on. Do I start with review s of exercise equipment, weight loss , bad habits, or medical products.

I think I'll stick with my original idea and look towards reviewing products related to weight loss , smoking and exercise equipment. I do want to offer a quality review of these weight loss products and other health related items that people buy on a regular basis so I'll probably take my time and focus on or maybe two healthy products each week that way I can fully review them and find out what others think. If you have any suggestions as to which weight loss product, quit smoking aid or exercise equipment you'd like to see a review off feel free to shoot me an email. Like wise if you have had an experience with a weight loss product that was either good or bad let me know your thoughts and I can pass them on to others.

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